Comment by: Ray Muniak
You have arrived

Comment by: Don Reed
I really enjoyed looking at your art. Keep up the good work and be careful on the Jeep trail.
Jim, thank you for showing me your new passion in wood sculpting. Each piece of art shows creativity in working with the uniqueness of the wood and its grain.
Comment by: George Biros
Wow! I am really impressed!!! Great creativity! Real Art!
Comment by: gary robertson
dye2 63-64K
Comment by: Clive Beckmann
Great concepts, Jim.
Comment by: Daniel Simecek sr.
Very nice art.
Comment by: Pam Spice
Love every piece! You are awesome.
Comment by: Kevin Delaney
Some good stuff - who would have guessed ... from 50KW guru to artist - quite a jump.
Comment by: Ben Stankewicz
Continuing to grow as an artist
Comment by: Delbert Parkinson
AWESOME JJ.. I have another friend that does the same type of art. I'm a retired European art dealer that knew many oil artist. Also I have in many electronic fields for ~60 years and at the same time doing cancer research. If you send me an email I will send my cancer booklet. God Bless. Del,
Comment by: Jim Hibbard
Looks like you're doing well, enjoy!njfh
Comment by: John Bowen
That is something! Fascinating! Evokes a lot ofimagination and surprises.
Comment by: Mike Shaw
Lookin' good, JJ! Who was the lead mech? Bundy?
Comment by: Larry Wilson
Amazing. simply amazing

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