Jim, thank you for showing me your new passion in wood sculpting. Each piece of art shows creativity in working with the uniqueness of the wood and its grain.

Comment by: George Biros
Wow! I am really impressed!!! Great creativity! Real Art!
Comment by: gary robertson
dye2 63-64K
Comment by: Clive Beckmann
Great concepts, Jim.
Comment by: Daniel Simecek sr.
Very nice art.
Comment by: Pam Spice
Love every piece! You are awesome.
Comment by: Kevin Delaney
Some good stuff - who would have guessed ... from 50KW guru to artist - quite a jump.
Comment by: Ben Stankewicz
Continuing to grow as an artist
Comment by: Delbert Parkinson
AWESOME JJ.. I have another friend that does the same type of art. I'm a retired European art dealer that knew many oil artist. Also I have in many electronic fields for ~60 years and at the same time doing cancer research. If you send me an email I will send my cancer booklet. God Bless. Del,
Comment by: Jim Hibbard
Looks like you're doing well, enjoy!njfh
Comment by: John Bowen
That is something! Fascinating! Evokes a lot ofimagination and surprises.
Comment by: Mike Shaw
Lookin' good, JJ! Who was the lead mech? Bundy?
Comment by: Larry Wilson
Amazing. simply amazing

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